Type: The Spirit of the Stone Type

She-Hulk #24


An interesting examination of 3D type, and the history of it as it relates to the ingenious work of Will Eisner, through his character THE SPIRIT. The “faux-stone” or at least, the blocked out 3D typeset is something that doesn’t seem particularly revolutionary these days, as it’s been widely imitated. However, this article does a fantastic job of chronicling its rise to prominence as well as Will’s own experimentation and maturation with it. Definitely a fascinating read.


2 Responses to “Type: The Spirit of the Stone Type”

  1. Reed Wacker says:

    Raz, Great post! I like the She Hulk cover you picked and enjoyed the imprint mag article about The Spirit. I have always loved that block 3D type — probably due to my comics addiction.

  2. Mike Rasbury says:

    Oh, yeah, as a fellow comic nerd – fly it proud, man – I’ve always had a liking of the “stone slab” type, even if I’ve had no way to really use it in anything work-related.

    That She-Hulk cover is pretty awesome. Always loved Shulkie!

    Thanks for commenting, Reed!

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